CasaSana was born in 2001, as a reference point for those who feel the need to live in a home environment, free of pollutants.

More and more often we hear about "green building", many of which inappropriately and with little competence; let's try to clarify.

For green building, man, his health, his dignity and his spiritual, mental and physical well-being must be the recipient of the building activity and not mainly technical-economic and structural architectural considerations; if this were the case, bio-ecological architecture would find applications in every field and moment of the building intervention.

Unfortunately, today, the industrialization of production for the "home" environment has caused the loss of many skills and knowledge, the contact with the natural environment has been lost and the balances that governed the way of building artisanal derivation, experiences and knowledge that had accumulated over the years and that had given a demonstration of wisdom. Precisely for this reason we should not be surprised if the essential in terms of construction has been forgotten, namely the man who goes to live in the building.

If 90% of our time is spent in the environment of our home or workplace, it shouldn't matter how that environment was built. Bio-ecological architecture defines the house as our "third skin", after real skin and clothes, to underline its importance. In recent years it is estimated that the new chemicals adopted for the components of a home are several thousand, many of them with dubious effects on health.

Today's homes and workplaces are sick, and often we with them. In fact, the indoor air is variously spoiled by toxic fumes, harmful to our psycho-physical balance and well-being. Common building materials do not transpire, thus preventing the exchange between indoor and outdoor humidity and natural electromagnetic fields. The houses become a reservoir of harmful substances and noises, incompatible with a condition of well-being.

The costs of green building are slightly higher than the conventional one, this disadvantage is amply amortized by the increase in well-being that is created in the home, by the very high yield, by the reduced maintenance and by the awareness that it has helped to stem environmental pollution. .



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