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CasaSana is located in Tricase and was born in the context of a family that operated in the Construction sector between 1950s and 1970s in Salento, the very south east of the Italian region of Apulia. Over traditional Building, they were expert in Mosaic art which best example is the floor of St. Domenico church in Tricase. Inspired by a new sensibility, CasaSana is still active in the Building sector since 2001.

The shop CasaSana offers a wide range of natural materials typically used in “Green Building” and in Historical Restoration. It promotes the use of non-toxic, ethical and sustainable materials that allow a more sustainable and conscious approach to the maintenance and decoration of houses as well as the conservation and valorization of historical-architectural heritage. CasaSana addresses to those artisans, craftsmen, professionals of Construction, restorers and private people that are interested in  sustainable finishing and maintenance works or restoration of internal and external spaces.

Our products are breathable and can regulate humidty thanks to their properties. In addition, they are waterproof, insulator, have natural electromagnetic fields and, finally, they are decorative and colorful as the most traditional buildings of the Mediterranean area.

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Natural alternative CasaSana offers a range of natural materials to live in a healthy place, as an alternative to those industrial products that are largely used for the decoration and care of internal and external buildings. In fact, the components of the most common industrial concretes and plasters are toxic, often deriving from oil or other doubtful source, are dangerous for human health and involve high environmental impacts. On the other hand, lime or hemp plasters, natural colouring pigments, natural paintings, cork panels, protective vegetal oils and soaps represent a eco-friendly and healthy option. Green Building. They can substitute industrial pollutant components by ensuring a functional, isolating and aesthetic performance.

Conscious choice In Italy there is no regulation of Green Building and its materials and, for this reason, there is no knowledge about its products. CasaSana tries to help the consumer in a conscious choice by the voluntarily listing of the components of materials in the technical data sheets of its products. Knowing more about the ingredients trough which finishing a building is the first step to improve the quality of life inside them, thus increasing the psycho-phsyical weel-being.

Materials rich in History CasaSana presents a choice of natural materials for Restorers specialized in the conservation and valorization of the historical-architectural heritage. In particular, lime is one of the most ancient binders used since Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, artists of following centuries and by local people in many parts of the world. Green Building products are simple and based on ancient knowledges and expertises passed from generation to generation about the benefis and convenience of products deriving from Nature. Lime mortar is the key ingredients offered by CasaSana that can be mixed to pigments and “cocciopesto” (opus signinum) thus obtaining a (customized) colour and thickness.


Thanks to CasaSana you can decorate and renew your internal and external surfaces in harmony with Nature and in line with ancient expertise. You can travel through time and space thanks to its consistence and colours typical of the majority of Mediterranean countries.

Solid hard flooring like pastellone, vivid marmorino plasters made by lime and marmble powder to be used for floors and walls, traditional cocciopesto plaster made by fragments of earthenware or brick mixed with lime and sand, brilliant and elegant waterproof tadelkat plaster from Marocco to light up your bathroom walls. Natural coloured pigments coming from ancient lands rinch in tradition can be added to the above mortars to create a decorative pastel or brilliant finish, able to transfer emotions and light up souls.





CasaSana - Corso Apulia n°42 - Tricase (Le), Italy - telefax +39 0833/543936 -

CasaSana - Corso Apulia n° 42 - Tricase (le) - telefax 0833/543936 -